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Photo Exhibition ~ "Winnowing the Light", Michalis Nikiforakis
Jun 14, 2016



“Great photographic possibilities…” wrote a British photographer, in our Museum’s guest-book as early as in 1992. It has been a long time since then. Time covered with light, but also veiled in darkness. Like a riddle that you keep warm, waiting for a gifted photographer to solve it with a sharp  shooting movement.


Michalis Nikiforakis carries out a long-lasting promise. To outline with light the image of ‘LYCHNOSTATIS’. He concentrates on his theme, by blaring his look right and left, like a sprint runner who keeps his eyes on the line. His eye becomes a filter, vaporizes the light, winnows the feeling. Within the frame he fits the inner frame. As if he tries with his camera to spot in the image whatever is trying to remain unspotted. Blow-up, our look plays “hide-and-seek”.


Because a photographer can see not what is to be seen, but what is hidden. Because light is like a tourist, that came for a moment and left. It leaves its ink on the paper, like a painter on the snow. So does Polichronis Nikiforakis, who with his pure, fresh look spots the imprint of the day, weaves shadows and sun-bursts allowing the light and the darkness to blossom together.



Yiannis Markakis