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Documentary Film "The Light inside"
Feb 13, 2016

Yiorgis Markakis, an 86 years old ophthalmologist and founder of the Cretan open-air Museum “Lychnostatis” in Hersonissos, Crete, reveals the treasures of his memory, “everything that he harvested with his eyes and has kept within him”.

He recalls his grandfather Miliotoyiannis, “the first and perhaps the greatest teacher of his life”, and the yard of his family home in Sitia, where he has discovered “the close relationship between life and death, lamentation and feast”. He speaks about light, the eye, while also referring to the tear, which is “the holy water of the soul” and he tours us around the land of his creativity, the Museum “Lychnostatis”, where folklore “speak to the hearts and the consciousness of people”.

Heartbreaks of experience and memories end up talking about happiness as  “everything values in this world as much as you have loved it”.

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