A number of 10 human-plant dialogues that presemt the history of life and its wisdom on this troubled planet. The wisdom which five hundred million years, is harvested by its mighty root from the bowels of the earths. And they transform it into a huge flower and an omnivorous seed.

Author: Yiorgos Markakis

Category: Collection of Narrations

Edition: 2019 (1st)

Pages: 79

Size: 14 Χ 21 cm


The book refers to the most sacred interpersonal relationship, after the one of Mother and child, the one of Doctor and Patient. The most important part of this relationship is the phase of receiving the medical history of the patient. During this phase a profound confession meets with an infinite understanding and sympathy. The advancement of technology as well as the permanent lack of time, managed to shrink desperately the time that a Doctor has in order to comfortably listen to his patients history. As a result, this relationship, being always useful and often life-saving for the patient, as it used to build a warm relationship between them, is nowadays gradually degraded.

But, it wasn’t always that way.

Witty snapshots or even dramatical from this remote era, paired with love for the human and care for the Cretan dialect, are collected from Yiorgis Markakis in this second edition of his book “Flashes in a dark room”, which is enriched with several new narrations compared to the original publication of 1983.

Author: Yiorgis Markakis

Category: Collection of Narrations

Edition: 1983 (1st)  - 2019 (2nd - enriched)

Pages: 214

Size: 14 Χ 21 cm



The book focuses on “mantinada” and its integral role as an element of the instagible culture of Crete and also presents it as well as a special social phenomenon. It is divided into three special sections, the general part, the special part and the annex.

Firstly the book analyzes “mantinada” as a literary genre that has special grammatical, linguistical and structural elements (general part). 40 true stories with ”mantinades” are following up in the form of short stories (special part) and lastly 150 of the best Cretan rhymes – chosen from a  Jury formed especially for this book- are presented as anthology combined with selections of well-known folk poets and literature experts (annex).

Author: Yiorgis Markakis

Category: Essays – Anthology of folk poetry

Edition: 2016 (1st)  - 2017 (2nd)

Pages: 344

Size: 14 Χ 21 cm




The «White Cassock» recreates the relation between a doctor and a patient and presents serious topics concerning the bio-medical morality and reformulates medical principles. In 20 out of 26 chapters,  a retired doctor describes to his godchild Alkis, real events from his 47 years’ career in the field of medicine. The “white cassock” is a code of medical beliefs, an ark of behavior full of originality, dignity and sensitivity and a suitable and interesting book for those who believe that “illness is the greatest school in a man’s life”.

Author: Yiorgis Markakis

Category: Narrations

Edition: 2004 (1st) - 2005 (2nd) – 2006 (3rd)

Pages: 326

Size: 14 Χ 21 cm



Educational fairy- tale created by the Department of Educational programs and edited by the Friends’ Association of the Museum. It describes the relationships of a blind bee, called Melina, with her companions and observes her effort to be part of the bee community by creating her own drop of honey. It is a trip to nature and life that overcomes any disability and shows the joy of giving. The book’s pictures have been created by the children of the “Zoodohos Pigi” Centre with a 6-pages appendix full of games and exercises. In 2005 it was performed, as a play, by the theatrical team of the pupils and is also recommended by the Ministry of Education as a suitable book for all elementary schools’ libraries.

Authors: Μary Baritaki & Yiannis Markakis

Category: Children’s story – Educational book

Edition: 2003

Pages: 37

Size: 22 Χ 29 cm



The book is a folk tale with chapters that take the form of narration as well as a folk study of numerous Cretan rhymes, idioms, numerous customs. The writer Yiorgos Markakis based on his own life experiences and on the pre-war feast in Katsidoni- Sitia on “the 6th of August”, weaves on the narration canvas the completed local history of his birthplace. Dances, popular love songs (kantada) Cretan rhymes, dreams and sorrows are presented with the clarity of the local idiom.

Author: Yiorgis Markakis

Category: Ethnographic literature

Edition: 1998 (first) - 2003 (second)

Pages: 200

Size: 14 Χ 21 cm