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Photography Exhibition "Images of disappearing Crafts & Occupations "
Jun 11, 2013

Group Photography Exhibition "Images of disappearing Crafts & Occupations " consisting of 100 photos is open to the public in the Museum’s Hall “O. Elytis”. Photographic material derived from the archives of the newspaper "Haniotika Nea", of the photographers Fanis Manousakis, John Papadakis, Stavros Psyllakis and the Cultural Society of Crete, together with photos by 52 photographers from all parts of Greece, present vividly the crafts and occupations of the past. The exhibition has been hosted last year in Chania by the Cultural Society of Crete and aroused great interest from the locals and tourists.


Exhibition’s events began on Sunday, the 26th May 2013 with the exhibition and educational program "Learn a craft and let it go" and will continue on Sunday 9/6, 16/6, 23/6, 30/6 and 14/7 at 12.00 with documentary films about the world of crafts. 9 films created by 6 directors (Sgourakis, Psilakis, Maros, Zapatinas, Barbas, Markakis) present different aspects of the traditional crafts and occupations during the last 3 decades.

The final event of the exhibition will be on Sunday 21/7 at 11.30am with the "School of life", aiming to highlight the profession of the old teacher and  honour the teacher and great donor of the museum "LYCHNOSTATIS" Michael Tachatakis.


The events are co-organized by the Region of Crete and the Association of Photography and Film of Chania and with the support of Thessaloniki Cinema Museum, and under the auspices of the Municipalities of Hersonissos and Archanon-Asterousion.


The exhibition will run until Sunday 21/7 and can be visited every day except Saturday from 09.00 until 14.00.